About Land of Myriad

The Land of Myriad is a web-based fantasy role-playing game. The rules of this game are based on old school fantasy role-playing systems, such as OSRIC. Implementing such a rule-set is very challenging, so I am shooting for "as close as practical."

The game itself is really a game system, designed to be played by a third-party client. The implementation of the game is in the early stages. At this point, you can make 1st level characters. The database is largely in place, although there is some to go on that. The mechanics of the game are in the embryonic stages, so playing with your characters is not possible at this writing, and will probably start very simply when game play is implemented.

Game play using this website as a client will take the form of the user reading written descriptions of what's happening - the details of a room or cavern the character is entering, what is going on in a battle, etc. To move the game along, a user will direct a character, or characters, by entering text commands, or clicking on "shortcut buttons" in the interface. In this respect, game play is very similar to the old text adventures, like Zork. There will be some graphics, but used as illustration and not absolutely integral to the experience. The play will be turn-based.

Users can play with multiple characters, such that one user can lead multiple party members on an adventure. Multi-player gaming is also supported, although that will be much trickier with a basic text interface.

So will this be any fun to play, or even possible? I really don't know. I hope to find out by finishing the game system, build a few adventures, and run through them. The intention is that by making the game independent of the client, a more graphic-rich client could be designed, as long as it's turn based.