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March 20, 2011

The character creator module is functional, even though there is really a lot to go on it. I admit there is a lot more to making a character than I knew. Here are some of the things missing:

  • Alignment restrictions are not in place. For example, Druids are supposed to be only Neutral. As it is now, you can make a Lawful Evil Druid, if you so desire.
  • Special abilities for classes (e.g., a Palidin's detect evil) are not "encoded", and in the game they would not be available.

On the other hand, much is there, like race min/max restrictions for ability scores, class restrictions with regard to ability scores, etc. One thing I ditched on purpose (just to make things simpler) was the sex differences in ability score maxes. I don't think anyone will miss them.

(posted April 26, 2011by Yoshi )Can't make a character
After saving my character on choose name it bumps me back to the main page. Then I have an unnamed elf magic user, and when I click on it, i have an error. With a Human thief, I can click on it again, but the name and alignment does not get saved.
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